SalesAcceleration™ is a professional strategic sales services company based in Ottawa, Canada. We help you the business owner or CEO accelerate profitable growth by focusing on increasing revenues. We go when and where our clients need us; be it domestically or abroad.

Strictly speaking, SalesAcceleration™ is not a consulting company. We trade in sales results, not advice. We are not there to pontificate on the situation or produce thick reports. We embed ourselves in your company, working with your sales team as virtual sales team members, carrying your firm’s business card and using your company’s email address. We are there ‘in the trenches’ with you doing whatever it takes to secure actual orders from banner customers. Our key differentiator is that we are a hands-on group; a collection of doers and finishers. The emphasis is on sales execution in the marketplace.

Our approach is to first sit down with you and to discover what your growth goals are and what your current plans are to attain them. We then do a deep dive to analyse what is happening on the sales and marketing front and understanding what seems to work in order to secure sales, come up with a sales and marketing plan and a pitch, test that pitch in the market with prospects, iterate the plan and pitch if necessary and retest it with prospects in the market until we find the winning formula where we can consistently win business for your company. The acid test is the winning of actual orders for your company from living, breathing customers through a hands-on approach.

The idea is to learn from these market investigations and successes and to help to put those processes and resources in place to position your company to take advantage of the opportunities that are out there to achieve your growth goals.

Our experience has been gained in small and medium businesses where people and financial resources are scarce or limited. We used making a lot happen with very little.

It has been said that the lack of sales is the single biggest cause of business failures. Our job is to help you avoid this. Moreover, we look to work with you to help you build a sustainable, scalable growth business with recurring revenues.

We are looking to work with high energy people who want to grow their businesses and have some fun in the process.

We would be pleased to discuss your business and your growth goals with you.